SOLD OUT: All Cherry Blossom-Themed Products

SOLD OUT: All Cherry Blossom-Themed Products

We're sorry to say that all products related to cherry blossoms (sakura) in our store are SOLD OUT. It's been a gorgeous and sunny spring this year in Japan, and the sakura-themed goods and treats have sold so well that there's no more sakura left to produce them! 

I hope you all enjoyed your purchases this spring and hope to see all of you next year when all of your musha-musha (nom-nom) favorite sakura flavors return! (We're thinking around the beginning of February, 2024.) 

Until then, please continue to enjoy all of the seasonal and year-long tastes Japan has to offer by consulting our growing catalogue of Japanese snacks and sweets.

COMING SOON: Non-edible Japanese household goods and figurines! 

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